Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Afternoon tea at Airport

Delifrance is a world wide franchise specialized in french cuisine. It is like a cafe, they offers freshly made breads and cakes every single day. They are also famous for its croissant.

Tuna Croissant $4.90

Normally I wont even bother eating salad. This however is an exception. The salad dressing is sweet and salty. The vegetables are freshly cut and served.

How I wish I can take another bite of this right now. I just feel so guilty posting theses picture up. I am soo hungry!!

Salmon Teriyaki $16.90

Another salad that make my day.

Mashed Potato

Just look at the juicy Salmon. How I wish to having it swimming in my mouth and down to my stomach.

Guilty pleasure of Ice-cream!!

Look at the Caramel that sinks at the bottom of those lovely ice cream.

Guilty Pleasure!!

Value meals?

Result of the day...


Value Meals you asked?

Never blog about Delifrance ever again. I never felt so hungry from blogging food. This is the first time I experience what you called "taste of your own medicine"

Ok back to the food, It is costly but worth it for every once in a blue moon. You could never said that you know how to pampered yourself until you try dining at Delifrance.


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