Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lunch at Yappy

Finally its our turn to sit down and dine in Yappy. We had been trying to get the chance to dine in there for a very long time. Finally we gotten the chance. We had been told that Yappy is famous for its curry rice and bread so we were there to try it out.

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Han looking

ABC $2.00
Frankly speaking, the ABC has an unpleasant taste (The ABC is not spoiled) I cant make out what the taste was but it cause the ABC to lose its original value. Maybe it was the taste of sago. I prefer ABC to be plain and classic meaning only add in grass jelly, corn, red beans, cendol and lots of sweetness. But for this I finds that they add in too much ingredient that spoil the original value of ABC.

Curry Chicken at $3.50
It is worth the value the portion is big enough for two. The curry has a strong aroma and taste.

Mayonnaise and Egg

Lemon Chicken Rice

Honestly, I find this dish to be quite pleasing. The chicken is welled fried and juicy on the inside. The texture of the chicken is a little crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. But for the gravy I find it to be overwhelmingly "Lemony". The sauce is sweet and the sweetness and lemon taste is best fitted with the chicken. But if stand alone the gravy has too much lemon taste in it turning lemon sauce to lemon juice.

Avoid ordering ABC at all cause. Try the Lemon Chicken for those who adores strong lemon flavor. If ordering Chicken Curry if you hate to share now is the best time to learn it. And another most important thing, try get there early for lunch as it is always full during lunch hour. The shop cant fit much people into it and the table is too cute that even Victoria Secret's Model will find themselves too big of a challenge in dining on the table.


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