Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dedicated especially for Nat for treating me a chicken burger!!

This is dedicated especially to Nat for treating me a chicken burger when I am starving during working hours. After work Nat suggested a place for a quick snack. So I decided to follow them. We went to one of the hawker store near the public indoor swimming pool. Good business plan I will say. That area is full of all kinds of athletes such as soccer players during the night and quite a number of joggers in the afternoon.

I ordered a Chicken Special

I believe there are brothers. I envy the way how they help each other out.

Nasi Lemak
(The Nasi Lemak look delicious but I did not get the chance to try one)

Making Burger 101:

1) Fry the burger meat

2) Put the Bun face down to suck up all the juicy oil from the burger meat

3) Add vegetables

4) Add chili sauce and lots of mayonaise

5) Fry the egg

6) Put the burger meat on the egg and cover it

7) Add cheese if you wish

8) Enjoy

I enjoy the cooking process. I am always fascinated when watching people cook especially on AFC. It is quite disappointing when watching others cooking a nice meal yet I still stuck with not be able to make a proper dish.

Moving on... The burger is alright... Cant really expect much... They did not prepare the burger meat it has been prepared by the industry... So yea... Overall its a good after work snack haha

Jeff waited anxiously for his burger


is he plotting to open up a burger store himself? =O

Dude of the day Nat

Thanks for treating me a wonderful chicken burger!!


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