Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lunch at Thiam Hock

Please click on this link to view rest of the reviews on Thiam Hock. I will not go through the details as it has already been covered. Sorry for my laziness =P I will be covering the dishes we had that day.

Carissa and Bo Yuan

Curry Fish Slice
(Signature dish)

I cant remember the name of this dish. I think is Ham fried rice I guess. Please help me out by telling me the name of the dish on the chat box beside. Your voluntary action will be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!

Thanks to mr.8228 the name of this dish is Ham Egg Fried Rice.

Once again I forgot about the name of this dish. Anyway for I would highly recommend not to order this. The tofu is plain and the gravy is quite salty.

Kai Lan fry Kai Lan

oily, salty but good in a way

Fried ****


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