Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Night Supper!!!

Hey there!!

Sorry for the long delay in updating the blog. Really sorry about it :)

We had out supper at the all time famous Cempaka restaurant (Non-Halal). Cempaka restaurant has been quite popular with the teens and also the elderly. Well about the location.... It is quite hard to find, it is at the back of a particular house. House no. I don't know...

This auntie is such a wonderful sales person. She keeps on pushing us with dishes which we never think of getting. Well in the end we only choose 3 dishes . Haha which are more than enough for the 5 of us.

It took us quite a long process in ordering as there are so many fantastic dishes being offered by the auntie. How we wish we are able to try all but in the end only 3 were chosen.

I forgot the name of the dish again. LoL
Please help me out.
(Must Try!!)

I love the egg coating around the fried chicken. This is is quite spicy and quite salty don't hate it. Try loving it.

The famous fried chicken

Hmmmmmmm, Forgot the name again HAHA

Quite a fun experience for us since it is our first time. The space is quite compact. Eating out at the open air having compressed in by trees and fence feels kinda fun but spooky at the same time. Food offered is alright, most of the dishes is quite spicy and salty. I nice place to hang out if you are desperate for food to fill up your tummy at the middle of the night.


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