Monday, April 5, 2010


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The Team

Interior design gives a natural feel to the restaurant. The restaurant is build in a Kampong Ayer sort of way. The restaurant is supported by poles of woods extended from the river bed.

So good so far until.....

Dead Dried Plant =/

Dead Dried Ant

Dead Dried Ant Again

Cracks on the bowl

Not much of a resort to my understanding.

Lets move on to the best part the food =D

Tom Yam

Baby kailan

Buttermilk Chicken

Honey BBQ Chicken

Fried Noodle

Kuey Tiaw

Not quite a resort. The Kuey Tiaw and Fried noodle are terrible. The Tom Yam, Buttermilk Chicken and Baby Kailan is alright. I personally like the Baby Kailan. It is fresh and i love the texture of the Kailan.

I would highly recommend that better to have your lunch at Mangrove during the afternoon when then sun is not that strong. There are no air conditioning provided hence it is quite hot and warm. I will not recommend eating there at night as you wont be able to spot the trade mark DEAD DRIED ANTs hiding around the plates and bowls.


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