Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teo Poi Hoon (TPH)


Sorry for the delays. Had been quite busy lately. So today's review will be on Teo Poi Hoon or TPH in short. TPH is located in Kiulap on the far end of same block where AV electronic is. TPH is one of the famous restaurants that offers halal chinese delicacy. Well at this point you will be thinking that chinese restaurants that offers halal food is everywhere. So whats the point of being famous in offering halal dishes?

It is true that there are quite a number of restaurants that offers halal chinese food. But unlike any others TPH offers more varities of halal dishes ranging from fish to turkey. There are too much dish that gives us quite a pain in choose the dishes.

Lychee drink

It looks like beer to me.

Buttermilk fish

Sweet and sour chicken

Minced meat tofu with rice

Strawberry sago

Melon sago


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