Friday, April 23, 2010

Amazing Food Run!! Season 1 Ep 2 - 1

Amazing Food Run is back for Ep 2!!

For those who missed out "Amazing Food Run!! Season 1 Ep 1 - 1" please click on this link :)

For part 1 of the episode we will be reviewing on Korean Restaurant in Kiulap. It is located at the the corner on the same block where Expression is. The shop is not hard to find but easy to miss. So please keep a look out if you wish to dine in this fantastic restaurant. Korean Restaurant is famous for well you know Korean Cuisine. I myself is not a big fan of Korean dishes I find them tends to be spicy and salty. Well this restaurant changed my mind. I may start liking Korean dishes soon.

Ben and Bo Yuan

Roland and Ben


Seafood Pancake
We ordered 2 pancakes and it is still not enough.

Side dishes were provided when ordering the claypot rice

Bi Bim Bap

Kimchi Fried Rice
It is such a big hit that our table had believe it or not 6 of this dish

Tong Fen

I believe it was called the tuna cheese gim bap
This is also one of the most popular dish among us.
We had 4 of this that day.

The food is unbelievably amazing it is not as spicy as I though it would be. The food is quite balance out in taste and texture. It is a nice place to dine into. There are quite a number of dishes to choose. You explore the world of Korean cuisine there. Surprisingly after so long of reviewing this is the only time that I encountered ordering the same dishes for more than twice in a row. Normally we will each order one dish and review on it. But that day we had forgotten about the "code" and jump in ordering as if there were no tomorrow. You wont believe how excited they were when ordering. I was new there so I kept quite and watched haha but if there is another chance I wont give in I will sky rocket in and join in the ordering rumble.

That is it for Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2. Before I go I will share with you all some teaser for Part 2.

1) In Kiulap
2) Wonderful Drinks


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