Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bakerlyn Cafe

I am sure that most of you know where Bakerlyn Bakehouse is. For those who did not know them well please click on this link for additional information :)

Can't get enough of the pastries and ice-creams? Need some fine refreshing location to enjoy good afternoon high tea? Why not try out Bakerlyn Cafe at Kiulap?

Unlike the initial Bakehouse, The Cafe offers more selection of pastries and much more. The Cafe is Halal and located at Kiulap on top of Willyn Floral & Gifts Services Enterprise which is just next to De tymz.


The Interior Design of Bakerlyn Cafe


High tea anyone?

English Fruit Tea

Which tasted like Lipton ==



Which comes with the Tea we ordered. The honey comes in rather handy, you will know why shortly.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Bun with butter

This comes with the Cream of Chicken Soup.

French Toast

I like the way how the French Toast is presented on the plate. It really does distinguish themselve apart from others. The presentation is great. It is nicely toasted leaving the inside to be soft and a little spongy. The bread is prefectly coated. Giving a little cruchy texture while chewing. However the taste is not that great.We are so amazed by the presentation and also on the sweet aroma present. But after having a few bites, The taste is a bit weak. The Toast is not as sweet as I think it would be. Seems like there is a lack of sweetness.

Remember the Honey I mentioned? It comes in rather handy as spreading it on the French Toast it helps to add on a layer of sweet coating :)

Waffle and Vanilla Ice-Cream

Before we go on bare in mind this ordinary Waffle cost a mind blowing $5.80. The reason for this outrages price is because of the Ice Cream. It is freshly made by Bakerlyn. Based on my observation, A singe scoop of Ice-Cream is around $3.80. While the plain Waffle is around $3.00. So by adding both up is $6.80 and since Bakerlyn is generous (I hope....) They give you a deligtful discount of $1.

The Waffle is quite thin unlike any other Waffles I had which is thick and has a hard outer layer. This Waffle is thin and soft all around, The outer layer is surprisingly soft. The waffle is just alright. It is not that sweet. The Ice-Cream on the other hand is AMAZING. Which I encourage most of you to give it a try.


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