Sunday, April 11, 2010

Amazing Food Run!! Season 1 Ep 1 - 1

Welcome to FoodKings Amazing Food Run!!

It is an unplanned event where the team goes on a mission to try out a few restaurants within a given time. Unfortunately the team is only able to try out 2 restaurants the most.

First stop Tinis.

Contact detail of Tinis if you wish to make a reservation or any other request.

Looks classy right?

Playground for kids

The excitement of ordering soto

Picture taken by Shiyin. Unbelievable how she can actually post while taking photo with out looking at the camera. =/

Finally the Soto arrived!!

This is where to good part starts the Food.

Expression says it all.... He could not be any happier....

Eating soto with style

Step 1: Add chili sause

Step 2: Add vinegar and black soya sauce

Step 3: Admire the outcome and eat!!!

Well there is no need to explain any further about the soto. The expression shows how good the soto was. The anticipation of arriving at the restaurant, to the ordering, to the waiting and to the eating is a great process to experience. If any of you are free or hungry for soto this can be a place for you to try.

So that's about it. Please check back for Ep 1 - 2 =) The review is about having breakfast at night...


Anonymous said...

Is this a halal restaurant? if yes, where exactly it located?

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