Sunday, December 20, 2009

D' April's Cafe re-opened

D' April's Cafe re-opened. I can't remember how long it has been since D' April's Cafe closed its door temporarily. I know it has been years and now it's back again... Location wise? It's same row with Chong Hock Kiulap. According to the owner, she will be introducing back the $5.50 meal soon which was a popular promo the last time round. I tried the beef rendang (I like) as well as the fresh mushroom.

It had a small opening yesterday morning and the concept is cozier than before. There are more sofa seating and I'm sure this can be another crowd puller. I shall be visiting this joint again.

D' Aprils Cafe at Kiulap

The surroundings inside D' April's Cafe

The Beef Rendang is yummmm

The outside seating at D' April's Cafe

Review by: Ranoadidas

Seri Mama Restaurant

Seri Mama Restaurant is located at Serusop between Ayamku and Top bake.
We were planning to have our lunch at the Ayamku but end up having it here. Honestly the shop is not nicely furnished and it seems like a butcher shop more than a restaurant.

But the foods were great. We ordered 3 Nasi Katok, 1 Oyster Beef Rice, 2 Teh C Special and 1 Ice Lemon Tea.

Nasi Katok

Nasi Katok
( Thumbs up for the nasi katok, the Sambal was nice and sweet and not spicy just right for kids or food lovers that hate spice =) )

Osyter Beef Rice

Teh C Special

Ice Lemon Tea
( The drink came in a large glass which is enough for me since I normaly take 2 glasses from other restaurants )

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Food compilation for November

These are the food compilation for this month. It is not what I've had for this month, it's just a random food post for this month. So... okay, enjoy viewing food photos. =P

Hot and Saucy Noodle

At a restaurant which I don't know the name. It is located around gadong area near Jing Chew. It is surrounded by car workshops. Will find out the name if I remember.

Spicy Sibu-Style Stir-Fried Noodle

From the same restaurant as well. This noodle is also called "Lakia Mee" in chinese. Yes, Lakia. No kidding, look at the photo below. Some chinese people are very sensitive to the word "Lakia". Hahaha. You know who you are.

.......... -_-"

Mango Chicken Rice at Farmbasket.

Forgot the name. But the place is at May Fang.

Tapao Lee Loi Fatt Roasted Chicken Rice.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dining at RMS Diner :D

Last Wednesday, Stephanie, Tazio and I had a mini road trip to KB just to dine in at RMS Diner at KB. Yes, it's quite a drive just to have dinner at KB and it's not because of Tazio, both Stephanie and I wouldn't even thought of heading to KB just for dinner. I think most of you have heard of RMS Diner when it was located at Gadong, next to Unitek CD shop but now it has shifted to KB because of its viable business.

So we had a few dishes to our surprise and we were pretty hungry especially Tazio who had been saving his tummy for dinner. He totally recommended the RMS burger and yes, it was very tasty with all the mushroom toppings. Tazio normally visit this joint with his buddy, Julian, but he's now in the UK, doing his pilot course. And Tazio's other buddy, Hafriz, couldn't host us that night because it was his younger brother's birthday.

Anyway, the food there is simply great and it was quite packed as well for a week night. You can also order food from Zaika which is just next door. For bookings, you can call 334 7455. Thanks Taz/Hafriz for the treat.
Stephanie holding the RMS Diner menu

The ribs was superb... Yummm

The RMS Diner Steak

The Belgium Waffle

The Burger that Tazio was raving about

Chocolate pudding is one of their signature dessert

Tazio was a satisfied man after a heavy dinner

Some hot lady posing outside RMS Diner ;)

Review by Ranoadidas

Au Liat Cafe

Au Lait Cafe is one of those cute new places in Kiulap that I quite like because it employs young locals as the waitstaff. Maybe it’s just me but I find it quite amusing when I can order pasta puttanesca in pure Bruneian. Hehe.

For every Friday and Saturdays, Au Lait has a BBQ Sungkai Buffet that is absolutely scrumptious! The selection is small but it has reasonable quality. Quite impressive.





Roast Chicken

Tapak Kuda

I went for a second round! *guilty* This time they ran out of the baby potatoes so it was replaced with fries (wooohoooooo!!!) and also they ran out of lamb so had roast beef instead! Still it was very very good, and it was served medium and still blushing in the middle. Poured mushroom sauce all over this one as well. review by

Overall it was a nice barbecue sungkai. I would totally recommend it to everyone! Images and Text by Maurina of

Review by Lovefoodhatewaste

Flavours already a big hit

Flavours already a big hit. Taz, Steph and I were invited for dinner at a new restaurant in Gadong called Flavours and we were quite impressed by the food selection. I know Taz is pretty discipline when it comes to food consumption. But that was all spoiled for the next half an hour as he had bits and pieces of the dishes served.

The top dishes were the Crispy Kuey Teaw, Curry Laksa and the Curry Fish head which comes in different sizes. Probably the catch of the menu is the family meal value which is quite popular according to the owner of Flavours.

There are some interesting drink list as well. Taz seemed to like the Tapai Float but I prefer the Java float (coffee with ice-cream). There are drinks such as Oreo Shake, Strawberry and even Arabic Champagne (it's not what you think, guys).. Instead I opted for Longan drink.

So where is Flavours? It's located at the old Curry House restaurant at Gadong, just next to Little Bean Company. If you take the short cut to get into Gadong up on the hill, then you won't miss this restaurant. Otherwise, you can call 244 8111 or 8737 389 and now catering and delivery is also available.

Tapai Float and the Java Float at Flavours

Tazio did like the Tapai float

The Curry Fish Head is one of the popular dishes

The Crispy Kuey Teow I was talking about.. Try it!!!

I love this Curry Laksa.. 8.5/10 rating

Steph had portion of the Curry Laksa

The beef burger is just juicy to say the least

Flavours had been opened for the past three weeks

Review by Ranoadidas

Monday, December 7, 2009

Nur Wanita Restaurant & Catering Services

One lunch time, colleagues were talking about this new Thai-Malaysian cuisine Restaurant and we decided to have lunch there. Nur Wanita is located at Kiarung, two blocks behind Baiduri Kiarung.

The entrance is pretty grand, and makes you feel like you're walking into an upscale restaurant.

As you can see, they have quite good ambiance from their decor. It feel's quite comfy albeit a little cramp during lunch hour.

Saw this 'Thai style coffee' and decided to try, it has a unique burnt coffee taste. Not bad, good for the experience but I probably would try something else next time but if you never tried it, be adventurous and give this a shot.

The typical soup of Thai cuisine, Tom Yum soup. Their version is not too spicy and is just right for our palette. Nothing too special to mention though. Just Tom Yum Soup.

Thai style Fried Kway Teow. Slightly spicier than the usual char kway teow we have. Good flavour and taste but not as caramelized as how we would liked.

Mango Chicken Rice. You can't go wrong with Thai style Mango Chicken or Fish in Thai restaurants. Spicy, Sour and Sweet flavours with the crispy texture of fried chicken. Yum!

Chiang Mai Curry Noodles, this is quite a heartening dish as the noodles are crispy and the curry sauce is thick and spicy. I liked this dish and would certainly order it again. It might be too spicy for those who can't take spicy food, so be sure to tell the chef to adjust according to your tastebuds.

Green Curry Spaghetti is one of their Thai-Western Fusion dishes and it's actually pretty good but the heat factor of this dish is "Oh god It's Spicy!" so order this if you love green curries and enjoy the kick, otherwise ask the chef to make it not so spicy, though the taste might be compromised.

This dish would be my favourite in the restaurant. Deep fried kangkong with meat gravy. The kangkong is fried till a very crisp texture and seasoned very well. I really enjoyed this dish and as I am typing this post, my mouth is already salivating from the memories of wolfing down mouthfuls of the deep fried morsels. Hmm.... Anyone up for Nur Wanita?

Review by Thanis