Monday, April 12, 2010

Set lunch at Charcoal

Charcoal is located at near the legallery hotel at seri. Charcoal is famous for its ribs and steaks. Besides having ribs and steaks as the main attraction. The set lunch offered by Charcoal is quite a bit hit during the lunch break hours. At the price of $8.90 which includes a meal and free flow of sparkling drink is quite a reasonable price to pay. The good part of Charcoal is that the set meals changes every month so make sure to check it out every month for the great awesome deal.

Set of meal for the month of April

Crispy light appetizer
Its a free side dish I think. I am not sure of the name as well. Haha

Sparkling water of that day
(Free flow of Sparkling water when ordering the set lunch meal)

Spaghetti Topped With Beef Bourguignon

The spaghetti sauce is amazing. The sauce incorporates with the spaghetti well. It is a little bit oily in a good way and the sauce is filled with strong beef taste. The best part is the sauce is not even salty at all. It was just close to perfection. The beef is unbelievably chewy and juicy.

Sizzling Korean With Butter Rice & Vegetable

If you like the taste of Kimchi's chili paste you will definitely love this dish. The combination of Grilled chicken with korean chili paste is very innovative for charcoal to offer such a dish that is out of their league. I am not much of a spice person myself but all I can say is that it is spicy in a very nice way. It may give quite a sting for the first taste but eventually you will get adapt to the spiciness of the dish and enjoy the whole meal with out a complain but with a compliment.


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