Friday, April 2, 2010

Dim Sum

Dim Sum at Dynasty Restaurant. Dynasty is famous for its chinese cuisine especially its Dim Sum. It is always a big hit for the locals since it is halal. Since most restaurant offers non-halal dim sum. Dim sum is usually served in the morning but Dynasty also offers midnight Dim Sum buffet. I am not sure in which day and time it is held.

Normally most Dim Sum dishes are made of "****", Since **** is not allowed Dynasty replace all the dishes with chicken and beef. In most cases replacing an original ingredient with another similar substitution will reduce in taste and texture of the food. Dynasty however manage to keep the texture of the food and in taste wise....... EXCELLENT!!

Egg Tart

Fried Wantan
Must Try!!!

Siew Mai

Chicken Feet

I think this is called the Har Mai (prawn)


Fish Ball

Salad Prawn

Lou Pak Kou
(Carrot Cake)

Lou Mai Kai
(Salty but nice)

Must Try!!
I am so in love with this

$225 =/

A nice restaurant to dine at in the morning. The food is wonderful and steamy fresh from the kitchen. The food maybe a little salty but it taste is irresistible. It maybe a pricey by a lot. It would recommend that avoid ordering any drinks as you can see from the receipt the beverages are overwhelmingly over priced.


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