Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gordy's Bakeshoppe Grand Opening

Gordy's BakeShoppe

Today, is Gordy's Bakeshoppe grand opening. They are having a buy 1 free 1 cake promotion which drives a large crowd to the bakery. I was there late and most of the cakes were sold out. If I could turn back the time I will and try out some other cakes. But I was lucky enough to get 2 cakes and a discount card :)

Location: Unit No.3, Ground Floor, Sempurna Complex (Next to Happy Star)

Congratulation to
Mr. Leong, Selina and Andrew

Thanks for the discount card!! :)

I was there at night and most of the goodies were sold out before I could lay my hands on them.

All the delicious cakes

Great design

Telephone number and address


The top of the cake is brushed with sweet syrup giving it a sweet sensation. The harden syrup gives the cake a little hard texture when eating which is great since the cake itself is spongy and wiggly. When you try lifting the cake the bottom layer will tear off easily. This shows how soft the cake is.

Durian Cake

I am so in love with this. Dont let the looks fool you. This cake is actually covered with durian cream. I was surprised when I first take a bite out of it. The creamy durian taste is truly incredible. The taste durian taste is fresh and creamy. The cake on the hand is soft and spongy. I do enjoy eating it, My sis a non durian eater had 2 big slices :)


Anonymous said...

do u conduct baking classes?? congratulations to your newly open bakeshoppe...

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