Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kebab Dinner in Sengkurong

London Kebab has been very popular in Brunei. They initially started the trend in Berakas and slowly expended to the business to Sengkurong and Gadong. London Kebab is famous for its Kebab. London Kebab is unique in a way that the Kebab is full with vegetables and the meat
is tender and juicy.

We had our dinner at London Kebab in Sengkurong. The reason why we choose Sengkurong is because it is less crowded there and we can enjoy eating the kebab in an aircon environment. Hahaha typical Bruneians.

Lamb Doner and Shish Kebab is the big hit of London Kebab.

Lamb Doner

Shish (Lamb) Kebab

The differences between Shish Kebab and Lamb Doner. They have the same similarity in looks but they are two different dishes. Many preferred Shish Kebab. But for myself I prefer the Lamb Doner.

The meat inside Shish Kebab is skewered and cuts into pieces randomly distributed inside the Kebab. Besides that the meat inside is a bit roasted hence giving the Kebab a little boost in taste. While the meat in the Donor is roasted and placed inside the Kebab as a whole. The taste is quite similar to the Shish Kebab but just lacks behind a little.

Fish and Chips

Highly recommend that giving London Kebab a try. It is maybe a little pricey but it is worth it.


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