Saturday, April 17, 2010

Secret Recipe Serusop

Secret Recipe is a world wide franchise. They are famous for their cakes. Believe it or not but the cakes are imported from Kuala Lumpur twice a week. Secret Recipe has been quite popular among bruneians. Previously we will need to travel down to miri just to take a bit out of the delicious cake that we all desire. We will no longer face this problem as there are 2 branches in Brunei one in the mall and the other at Serusop.

Then again there are quite a few problems regarding the franchise in Brunei. I did not personally experience it but as commented by many "Unsatisfied Customer" is that they have poor management and slow services. The staff is not able to coop with the large volume of customer and food is bad except for the cakes. Well it is all rumors that I heard. So I plan to make a visit for myself =)

Based on this site. It has been in operation for more than 3 months now. I hope that it wont be as bad as most mentioned.

Cream of mushroom soup
(The soup is not freshly made as you can taste the sandy texture as the soup is not stirred properly to remove the lumps. The taste is like from an instant package)

Tiramisu Cake
(Strong coffee taste I like)

Chocolate Cake

HAHAHA sorry I forgot about the name again!!
Please fill me in if you know the name of this dish.

It is a chicken and ham dish with rich cheesy fillings in the middle.

The name of the dish is Chicken Cordon Bleu Thanks to elaj29 for the great help.


The service is not that slow. You can actually see that the staffs are trying their best to keep up with the crowd. We cant actually blame on the poor management. The franchise just started for 3 months there are a lot for them to catch up. So it is better for us to be patient and wait for at least 6 months for the staff to come in sync.

The food is alright except for the cream of mushroom and the cake is chilly and hard. Maybe the cake is not fresh but its still ok for me. I wont say that they are any better than those in Miri but It is better than nothing. The good part is we dont have to travel so far just to have the cake we desire.


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