Sunday, December 26, 2010

Port Klang Air Buah

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Welcome back for another article during the Malaysia Trip. Today's article will be on the famous Port Klang Air Buah (Air Buah means fruits), This Port Klang Air Buat started off their business in the olden days by selling fruits juice, fruits and fried products on a bicycle, they will go around crowd areas and start selling. Now they have extended else where. Which is located somewhere around Klang. I know that Klang is quite a big area to explore and it maybe almost impossible to hunt down this Air Buah Stall. But your in luck, I will pin point down the location which will make you easier to find. If you need to know the location please comment on the chat box beside or visit FoodKings Fanpage(Please click on the link) Drop a comment and in return I will provide you with the location :)

During the olden days.

TIPS: It was originated from Klang :)

The couples that continue on the tradition.

The delicious Food :)

The sauce that gives the food an extra kick

Star Fruit Juice
Best during hot weathers

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