Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breakfast before departure

Welcome back for another airport restaurant review. If you miss out the first review please click on this link.

For those who read the first review you will know about the bad customer service and additional ingredient "Housefly" in the teh tarik. I was hoping for another unexpected surprise such as poor customer service and long anticipated housefly teh tarik. But sadly it is the total opposite. The customer service were alright. The teh tarik has no housefly in it. =( I was hoping to take another snap shot and post it up the blog.

Oh well... lets move on to the food... Let me introduce you my breakfast before departing to malaysia.....

Blueberry peach pancake

The pancake itself is just plain ordinary. It is not too sweet and the pancake is soft and chewy. The blueberry jam however is the star of the show. It is sweet and filled with strong blueberry essence. That is the good news so far. The price tag of this lovely breakfast....... $7 =/

The Dynamic Duo
(Butter and Honey)

The pancake and blueberry jam make up a wonderful combination. The fun does not end here. Take the time to spread the butter and honey over the pancake. You will be amazed of what you get when you take a bite out of it.

Now I will show you my lunch of the day. After having my pancake that morning I felt hungry after 1 hour. So I decided to abuse the inflight meals. By ordering 2 meals at a single time.

You must be wondering if it is possible to order 2 meals at a single time. The answer is "No" While my grandmother was sitting next to me and she was full fro mthe breakfast we had earlier. So yea....

Baked chicken with potatoes.
(The chicken is juicy but not quite a nice meal)

Fish and baked rice
(I kinda like this dish)

Well there is not much to talk about the in flight meals. I am happy as long as it gets me full and satisfied. RBC used to provide a larger portion of the food they give. Seems like they are on a cutting cost plan. But still they are good enough to fill any empty stomach.


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