Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hungry for indian food?

L'e Taj is a restaurant specialize in Indian Cuisine. It is located at Kiulap just next to capers. I never ever eaten a proper Indian Cuisine before. The only Indian Cuisine I had so far was the murtabak.

They even provide child means which is nicely decorated. It made me so tempted to order from the child corner =/ Not much restaurant offer such attractive child meals.

Chicken Tendori - $7.80

Seriously, I am not a fan of this Tendori Chicken Briyani. The chicken is hard to chew, the rice is quite ordinary. I did not tasted any Briyani inside this dish. To me it is like a roasted chicken rice. The rice tasted best if you add in the masala sause which you will need to side order it. HAHA a very smart way to make money.

Chicken Masala - $5.50

This is my favourate dish of all. The tomato sauce was stunningly delicious and the chicken was so tender and juicy. I especially love the taste of the chicken. I cant really discribe it in detail. All I can say was this is a must try dish. At a price of $5.50 I find it quite cheap. As it came in a portion just enough for two person.

Garlic Nan - $1.70

The Garlic Nan is one of their signature dish as well. The Nan is crispy and slightly-hard. It is best eaten with the Masala sauce. You will fall in love with it with in seconds. At a price of $1.70 its worth it as it is just right for two as well.


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