Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lonely Lunch

I had a lonely lunch at McDonald on Thursday. I need to have a quick lunch and rush to Empire to attend the signing between AMIR and BEDB. It is about setting up a portal called

I personally love the fillet-o-fish of McDonalds. I find the fish burger to be extremely delicious. I can't believe that it is made out of a fish called Hoki (Please click on the link to view).

You may wonder why I bought two burgers while I am having a lonely lunch. I can explain it in 4 reason:

1) 1 Burger is not enough to feed my stomach

2) Having two burgers make me feels not so left out and lonely

3) Come on 1 McDonald burger is never enough. You will feel guilty eating just only 1 burger from McDonald.

4) I'm Loving It

1) Delicious food
2) The chicken burger taste like chicken nuggest with I adore ( I might be biase a little bit =p)
3) Good value for value meals
4) Fast customer service
5) Free flow of drinks if you order "Go large" which means upsize the regular value meals
6) The clown is handsome =D

Sadly there is still a bad side of it.

1) It is located at Gadong hence hard to find parking space (Im a rather lazy person I cant bare walk far from the car to the destination and back again)
2) There is only 1 McDonald branch in the whole Brunei Darussalam
3) The french fries can be soggy at times
4) Limited selection of items

I always enjoy my time in McDonald. I just love the food, the feel and the happy color they use as their themes.


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