Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feel like having seafood?

Feel like having seafood? I've heard of this place before and my media friends were raving about this restaurant before Ramadhan.. But I never actually tried this joint before until 1st of January 2010.. This was where I had my so called late lunch or hi-tea for that matter at Seaworld Neptune Restaurant & Catering.. I didn't realise that the restaurant is behind the fish market at Jerudong. So I suppose word of mouth is very important for this establishment because it's pretty remote compared to other restaurants.. Anyway, let's cut to the chase... I'm gonna give my pros and cons about my experience at Neptune.

Pros: The food served are quite fresh and my theory is that everything served is straight from the fish market or from the sea. I like the concept of having it indoors and outdoors depending on your mood. Staff are friendly and food wise, it's not bad for a start.. Winnie like the butter milk crab but my preference is chilli =p The kailan was nice and so were the mussels (huge too!!)

Cons: Hmmmm... quite a few.. Service was slightly slow considering they were only two or three tables. So imagine if it was a full house.. I'm disappointed they didn't have stingray... I love to eat it with sambal... like the one at TK restaurant.. And lastly, it's expensive.. The four of us were there and we spent like $150.. I'm pretty sure the crab took the bigger chunk of our bill..

Seaworld Neptune Restaurant

LOL, so what were they implying before?

Sophia and Gladys were into their coconut drink

The Butter Milk Crab I was talking about

The fish was not bad at all

The mussels were huge but a bit chewy

We were $150 less richer after this LOL

Review by: Ranoadidas


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