Friday, January 29, 2010

Dinner at Safari Bistro

Safari Bistro is located at Kiulap at the far end corner of Hua Ho. It can be a little bit of trouble finding it.

Safari Bistro is a restaurant providing western dishes and asian delights such as sago, soto and a few more.

1) Nice menu outlay (The picture clear shows the great side of the dish)

2) Cheap buffet

3) Nice interior design (Giving a classy feel of the restaurant)

4) Spacious

5) The placing of food is well organized

Lets look at some of the food we ordered.

Beef Steak -$10.50

Cream of Chicken Soup -$5.50

Nasi Lemak - $5.00

Kolo Mee - $2.50

1) Food is not that delicious both the buffet and from the menu
2) Limited choices for the buffet and even from the menu
3) Crambs are not fresh
4) Some order is out of stock (We try to order a calamari ring and a half BBQ chicken, but they are all sold out)
5) Waiter is not well informed about the limited food (We order a half BBQ chicken, I took the waiter around 10 minutes before informing us that the chicken is out)
6) No cakes for buffet
7) All the food from that day's buffet is cold and hard.
8) The beef steak is hard to chew and it comes in a very small portion.
9) The nasi lemak is extremely ordinary its plain and yet it cost $5



It is very sharp. Kids will get cut easily by this.


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