Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birthday celebration at Thiam Hock

On the 11th January which is a Monday night. We were having a birthday celebration for one of my cousin.

Thiam Hock is located at Yong Siong Hai building at Gadong. The building is located directly at the back of The Mall. Thiam Hock is famous for it's curry fish heads. They also offers wide range of delicious dishes.

Pros: The food is delicious. Wide range of Chinese dishes. The staff is friendly and well trained (In short extremely good customer service). Great location easy access and provide parking reservation.

Famous Curry Fish Head
(Thumbs Up!!)

Deep fried prawn


Fried soft crabs
(It is kinda oily after a lot of servings but it is a
Must Try!!)

Cons: It is easy access but it is extremely hard to find parking. It is always crowded. Even though there are parking reservations but they get filled up pretty fast. Food is kinda pricey by a bit.

Birthday Girl


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