Friday, January 1, 2010

Empire Marine Centre

I found some pictures my friend took when we were invited to an engagement party in Empire Marine Centre back in June.

I might as well upload and share them. The food was alright but the dessert was remarkably delicious. I was busy stuffing myself with the desserts and totally forgotten about the other dishes. Oh well at least I was 200% satisfied with the cakes and pastries.

*Pink Roses*

*Stars of the night*

*During preparation*

Sushi anyone?

Grilled Salmon

Butter for the mushroom soup
(I am pretty sure I took a photo of the mushroom soup,
sorry I cant find it)

Strawberry Cheese Cake

I can't remember what is this called =(

Melon Tarts (I think)

The Best Dessert of that night. It is a Strawberry Strudel!!
10 Thumbs Up!!!!

Chocolate Eclairs

Garlic Bread


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