Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prawn Noodle

May Fang is a very well know restaurant located at Tunggu Link, where old Liang Toon is located. It is easy to spot the restaurant since it is the only restaurant in that are that occupied 2 shops and furnished with glass window all around.

Don't bother going there in the afternoon for lunch. A full house is always expected over there unless you went there early.

A lot of my friends actually recommend about this place so I went to try it out for dinner on the 19th (Tuesday) with a couple of friends.

I was quite disappointed with the prawn noodles. I got distracted by the looks of it in the menu and for $5 which is reasonable. I think I should have just ordered another dish.

Well the prawn noodle was not all that bad. The soup base was just alright, The only things that bothers me was the noodle and the prawns. The noodle tasted a bit differently and the prawn was extremely ordinary to begin with.

I am not sure if it was the taste of the soup that changes the whole ideal dish. The prawn and noodle was quite plain in taste. I could only taste the soup base. Talk about strong soup base huh?

In general, I think that I had ordered the wrong food to begin with. And it could be that the prawn noodle not a strong signature dish for them.

I will try get another review on May Fang. To give an overall suggestion and views out it.


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