Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pines Restaurant

I had my lunch at pines yesterday afternoon. When I was there the whole restaurant is empty and we are the only customer there. We are having our lunch at 2pm maybe we went there a bit to late.

Pines Restaurant is specialized in Japnese and Korean cuisine. Giving us a tongue twisit of both Japanese food and Korean Food at the same time.

Pros: The food is great. The mixture of spice and culture combined offers a very unique and distinct taste of the food. Great customer services the staff smiles a lot which helps to bring the mood out for good food. The interior is nicely furnished combining both Japanese and Korean culture.

I missed out ordering Pikachu sad...
(I believe it will be shocking)

Excellent Beef. Fresh and and tasty.

It may seem ordinary but the taste is extraordinary.

Looks can be deceiving. But you should really give it a try.

Now I will share with you on what I personally thinks about the cons of Pine Restaurant.

Cons: The side dishes is terrible. They used to offer Fried eggs and small fried fish (Pusu) which are good. But sadly they had removed it. I been there for 2 times for the last 2 months still no Egg and Small Fired Fish.

The service is terribly slow. It took ages for the food to arrive. A bowl of rice took them 15 mins to arrive. A cup of cold water took 3 mins imagine if there were a full house.

I personally thinks it is way to pricey.

Last but not least. The menu is very complicated and hard to understand. It is good that they provide to menu 1 for Japanese cuisine and the other for Korean cuisine. It would be a lot better if there were picture to give a brief idea on the food itself.

Agree on both suggustions.


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