Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Berry Wan is located near NBT Gadong, at a block directly beside the block of HSBS. I am not very good in explaining of where the exact location is. But it is located where the previous IDEAL was.

The restaurant is famous for its steamboat buffet. For $10 per person. Personally suggustions, try go there at night and try to wear as comfortable as possible. As it will get pretty heat up once you start eating.

1) Reasonable price.
2) Able to change the soup base after a few servings with out charges.
3) Delicious soup base.
4) Wide range selection of noodles. (The crispy noodle is awsome)

Tom yam soup base

1) Limited selection of food.
2) Limited selection of soup base.
3) Poor ventilations.
4) The food taste almost the same. The only differences is the shape. Most selections is made up of chickens, sausages, corns, crab sticks and wantan skin.

1) Add in more selection of foods. Like fish and beef. An Ice kacang corner will be good to cool the heat :) (Increase in price is acceptable I guess)
2) Increase air ventilation.
3) Reduce using repeatative recipe.


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