Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lonely Lunch

I had a lonely lunch at McDonald on Thursday. I need to have a quick lunch and rush to Empire to attend the signing between AMIR and BEDB. It is about setting up a portal called

I personally love the fillet-o-fish of McDonalds. I find the fish burger to be extremely delicious. I can't believe that it is made out of a fish called Hoki (Please click on the link to view).

You may wonder why I bought two burgers while I am having a lonely lunch. I can explain it in 4 reason:

1) 1 Burger is not enough to feed my stomach

2) Having two burgers make me feels not so left out and lonely

3) Come on 1 McDonald burger is never enough. You will feel guilty eating just only 1 burger from McDonald.

4) I'm Loving It

1) Delicious food
2) The chicken burger taste like chicken nuggest with I adore ( I might be biase a little bit =p)
3) Good value for value meals
4) Fast customer service
5) Free flow of drinks if you order "Go large" which means upsize the regular value meals
6) The clown is handsome =D

Sadly there is still a bad side of it.

1) It is located at Gadong hence hard to find parking space (Im a rather lazy person I cant bare walk far from the car to the destination and back again)
2) There is only 1 McDonald branch in the whole Brunei Darussalam
3) The french fries can be soggy at times
4) Limited selection of items

I always enjoy my time in McDonald. I just love the food, the feel and the happy color they use as their themes.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dinner at Safari Bistro

Safari Bistro is located at Kiulap at the far end corner of Hua Ho. It can be a little bit of trouble finding it.

Safari Bistro is a restaurant providing western dishes and asian delights such as sago, soto and a few more.

1) Nice menu outlay (The picture clear shows the great side of the dish)

2) Cheap buffet

3) Nice interior design (Giving a classy feel of the restaurant)

4) Spacious

5) The placing of food is well organized

Lets look at some of the food we ordered.

Beef Steak -$10.50

Cream of Chicken Soup -$5.50

Nasi Lemak - $5.00

Kolo Mee - $2.50

1) Food is not that delicious both the buffet and from the menu
2) Limited choices for the buffet and even from the menu
3) Crambs are not fresh
4) Some order is out of stock (We try to order a calamari ring and a half BBQ chicken, but they are all sold out)
5) Waiter is not well informed about the limited food (We order a half BBQ chicken, I took the waiter around 10 minutes before informing us that the chicken is out)
6) No cakes for buffet
7) All the food from that day's buffet is cold and hard.
8) The beef steak is hard to chew and it comes in a very small portion.
9) The nasi lemak is extremely ordinary its plain and yet it cost $5



It is very sharp. Kids will get cut easily by this.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lunch Break

Hi, sorry for the delays been quite busy lately. We had out lunch at Netzone Gadong the other day. Netzone is located a few store beside La Mee at the same block with Excapade Sushi.

The place is extremely crowded during lunch time. We can hardly find a seat when we got there. We had to wait a couple of minutes before getting the chance to sit down and order.

Lets talk about the pros and cons shall we?

1) Good food
2) Good customer services (I will explain later)

Fries and Sausage

Seria Keoy Tiaw

I can't recall what this dish was.
I think is
Sweet and sour chicken chop

Nasi Lemak

The best Laksa!!

I didn't actually try it myself but I have heard of a lot recommendation about it. I might give it a try next time. It cost around $3.50.

Black sesame chicken fried rice
(It took quite awhile before reaching our table
everyone has finished their dish before mine arrive)

I mentioned about good customer service early. I will explain the whole story. The Black sesame chicken fired rice took quite sometime before reaching the table. I was left behind while my friends were enjoying their monsterous feast. I was there admiring the joy of tasteful satisfaction expressed on thier face. The owner notice it and quickly check out the order for me. He smiled back and said sorry. It may not be a big deal. But to me a sorry means a lot. This is what restaurant owner should react and not blame it on the waiter or the chef. I am very satisfied with the the owners attitude and performance and put his customers his main priority.

1) Hard to find parking. (Its Gadong...)
2) The place is quite packed
3) The seria keoy tiaw is just alright it seems like it is lacking of something.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prawn Noodle

May Fang is a very well know restaurant located at Tunggu Link, where old Liang Toon is located. It is easy to spot the restaurant since it is the only restaurant in that are that occupied 2 shops and furnished with glass window all around.

Don't bother going there in the afternoon for lunch. A full house is always expected over there unless you went there early.

A lot of my friends actually recommend about this place so I went to try it out for dinner on the 19th (Tuesday) with a couple of friends.

I was quite disappointed with the prawn noodles. I got distracted by the looks of it in the menu and for $5 which is reasonable. I think I should have just ordered another dish.

Well the prawn noodle was not all that bad. The soup base was just alright, The only things that bothers me was the noodle and the prawns. The noodle tasted a bit differently and the prawn was extremely ordinary to begin with.

I am not sure if it was the taste of the soup that changes the whole ideal dish. The prawn and noodle was quite plain in taste. I could only taste the soup base. Talk about strong soup base huh?

In general, I think that I had ordered the wrong food to begin with. And it could be that the prawn noodle not a strong signature dish for them.

I will try get another review on May Fang. To give an overall suggestion and views out it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Berry Wan is located near NBT Gadong, at a block directly beside the block of HSBS. I am not very good in explaining of where the exact location is. But it is located where the previous IDEAL was.

The restaurant is famous for its steamboat buffet. For $10 per person. Personally suggustions, try go there at night and try to wear as comfortable as possible. As it will get pretty heat up once you start eating.

1) Reasonable price.
2) Able to change the soup base after a few servings with out charges.
3) Delicious soup base.
4) Wide range selection of noodles. (The crispy noodle is awsome)

Tom yam soup base

1) Limited selection of food.
2) Limited selection of soup base.
3) Poor ventilations.
4) The food taste almost the same. The only differences is the shape. Most selections is made up of chickens, sausages, corns, crab sticks and wantan skin.

1) Add in more selection of foods. Like fish and beef. An Ice kacang corner will be good to cool the heat :) (Increase in price is acceptable I guess)
2) Increase air ventilation.
3) Reduce using repeatative recipe.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A new restaurant in town

A new restaurant in town. It's not officially opened as yet but yes, you can dine at Kevin Restaurant located along Jln Sultan, not far from De Royalle Cafe. We tried there a few days ago and the food wasn't bad at all.. I like the veges and also the chicken dish.. I kinda forgotten what the names of the dishes..

The owner is still finalising with the menu and this will also depends on the demand from the public.. The official opening will be next month and I will be there to do some coverage as well.. The setting is not bad but I think the trickiest part is encouraging people to dine in town..

I was the only guy then... *Woohooo*

I think this was called Fried Kailan Fried... Yuummm and crispy

The chicken was tasty too

Nice flavouring on the lamb

One of the signature dishes

It's feeding time...

Someone was blessed with gifts

A very satisfying evening in town

Review by: Ranoadidas

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birthday celebration at Thiam Hock

On the 11th January which is a Monday night. We were having a birthday celebration for one of my cousin.

Thiam Hock is located at Yong Siong Hai building at Gadong. The building is located directly at the back of The Mall. Thiam Hock is famous for it's curry fish heads. They also offers wide range of delicious dishes.

Pros: The food is delicious. Wide range of Chinese dishes. The staff is friendly and well trained (In short extremely good customer service). Great location easy access and provide parking reservation.

Famous Curry Fish Head
(Thumbs Up!!)

Deep fried prawn


Fried soft crabs
(It is kinda oily after a lot of servings but it is a
Must Try!!)

Cons: It is easy access but it is extremely hard to find parking. It is always crowded. Even though there are parking reservations but they get filled up pretty fast. Food is kinda pricey by a bit.

Birthday Girl