Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best Waffles!!

Looking for the Best Waffles in town? Try CheezBox's Ice Cream Waffles. CheezBox is located at the mall where Dome used to be. It can be easily spotted from the road side. CheezBox offers wide range of western and local dishes. The theme of cafe like restaurant aatracts many teenagers during lunch break and after hours.

Ice Cream Waffles.
(Must Try!!)

You get to choose your own Ice Cream, I go for Vanilla. I would say at the price of $3 - $4 it is worth it. You get to taste the best Waffles in Brunei. I love A&W's waffles but since it is no longer in operation in Brunei. I had been looking for Waffles ever since. I am glad that I finally found what I was looking for.

The Waffle has a hard crusty layer on the outside and soft sponginess on the inside. The texture is great, a little spongy, a little crust together with the cold chilly ice cream. The ice cream and honey added together with the waffle is the best. I can stress out how much I love this waffle. For those who love sweet food and dessert must really give this dish a try.


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