Sunday, May 16, 2010

Everfirst Restaurant

Everfirst restaurant is located with in Jaya's food court. I had no idea that this restaurant exist until that day when we were looking for food around jaya's food court. So might as well give it a try. Which we were lucky that we did.

Lou Su Fan


As most of you know. I had been searching high and low for the one best ABC around Brunei. I would not say that this is yet the best ABC but I will give it a solid 9/10. The ABC is just the type I am looking for. The ice is finely grind which perfectly melts in your mouth and at the same time giving you a chilly sensation. The sweetness is well balanced. I love the taste of gula melaka in it. It just brings out the origin nature of ABC. The ingredient inside is well combined. The cendol is fantastic :)

Price of this delightful ABC?

Aint that cheap???


Aswana said...

To me the nest ABC would be Tasek meradun Restaturant next to SCR in Gadong... And also they have one of the best Nasi Ayam..

Aswana said...

sorry typo error

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