Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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The girls seems to love the place

Nasi Katok
(Must Try!!)

This is the signature dish of kaka. In term of taste, the chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The sambal is sweet, spicy and a little salty. For $1 that is the standard price for all Nasi Katok. I am quite happy with the chicken. The size of the chicken offered is slightly above average which is a good thing for chicken lover. But I am slightly dissappointed at the amount of rice provided. I find it lacks by 3 - 4 table spoon... if my measurement skills serve me right haha

Overall MUST TRY!!

I find the ABC too sweet to eat and the ice is not finely grind. The ice is a quite big and hard compared to the normal ABC. You need to give it a few crush before swallowing it. I am wont suggest taking this ABC as it cost $2.50 its quite expensive compared to the standard ABC pricing. Taste wise..... average... I think it would be better if the ice given is smaller and finely grind... That way you will be able to treat it as a drink and indulge in it...
just a suggestion :)

Glass Noodles

I did not take a bite out of this. So I am not sure about the taste and texture of the noodle. But based on what Diqin said. The Glass Noodles is worth eating.


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