Thursday, May 20, 2010

Han's Birthday!!

This post specially dedicated to Han

Han's Birthday celebration at Excapade Sushi located at Regent Square. Excapade is a well established restaurant offering Japanese cuisine.

I like the menu there, all the dish is presented with a picture. Giving customer the ease of ordering.

Table full of Japanese sushi!


California Maki

Tama Ebiko Sushi

Salmon Sashimi

This is the good part!

Freshly Grilled Beef

Raw Beef

Like it raw? Well done? Medium Rare? Rare?
Be the chef, and make your own decision on how well you want your beef to be

Just a suggestion, better grill it quick before the flame dies out. The flame dies out on us 3 times. We had to send the grill pan back to the kitchen over and over again. But it was a pretty nice experience to have :)

Birthday Boy!

Han making a wish

Wonders what that could be.....

Chocolate Mud Cake


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