Saturday, May 22, 2010


Kaizen is a restaurant that offers Japanese cuisine. There are currently two branches around Brunei. One is located at Kuala Belait and the one we had is located at Kiarong.

Sorry to say but this is just a tiny review on Kaizen. I was invited by Rayner to join him and his friends (Jun and Alex if I got his name right) for lunch. When we reach there Alex was there early having his Curry Don I think. I just met him so it is inappropriate for me to take photo of him. Everyone was hungry that day so I did not take any photos other than my dish. So yea that basically covers why I did not take photo of the other foods haha

Green Tea

Tori Teri Don

The chicken is perfectly grilled to harden the outer layer and leave the inner part just readily cooked leaving it tender and juicy. That best part does not end here. Here comes the good part. The teriyaki sauce helps to add flavor to the chicken meat. The teriyaki sauce itself is sweet and tasty. By adding it onto the chicken it gives the chicken an extra taste of sweetness.

Say Hi to Rayner :)


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