Wednesday, May 26, 2010

King of Chicken??

Congratulations to Chicken King Basketball team for finish 3rd place during the basket ball tournament. I was invited by my friend to join the dinner party held by Chicken King in Kuala Belait. I dont know where the location is as I myself is not from Kuala Belait.

When I first walk into the restaurant, in my mind was the fast food concept. At a glance I though I went into the wrong restaurant as the theme of Chicken King is slightly similar to Ayamku's layout. Well kinda.... The fast food chicken concept....

Ok... maybe not much of Ayamku theme.... Haha
I might exaggerate a little...

The owner is kind and generous providing drinks and buffet for the team. I was there leeching the food and drinks haha. Ok I will show you the food I took that day.

Mee Hoon
The taste of the Mee Hoon is just alright. Strong peppery and spicy taste and that is all that I can taste.

Sweet and Sour Fish
Fish is soft and dry. The sauce is not well balanced off. The sourly taste over p.ower the sweetness of the fish.

Fried Chicken
This is really disappointing. I assume that the Fried Chicken is the signature dish of Chicken King but after eating it I have doubts about it. The chicken is big, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The chicken is well fried but badly seasoned. The chicken taste plain and unprepared. I only can taste the plain flour taste. Seems like the chef forgot to add in salt and pepper and fried it in a rush. And some part of the chicken is burned. Not much but a few of them.

Overall it is all based on the buffet as prepared. So we cant expect much from this. Maybe ordering it individually will be better and tastier which I cant promise.


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