Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dim Sum!!

Phung Man is one of the oldest non-halal restaurants in Brunei. It has been really popular among the elder chinese population of Brunei. The interior design give the restaurant a traditional royalty twist into it. The restaurant focus on traditional chinese cuisine which you can hardly taste anywhere else in Brunei. Beside famous for its traditional cuisine it is also a place for the elderly to gather around during the afternoon. Quite a number of chinese community events were held there. It really does made a huge impact to the chinese community.

For today's reviews will be on the Dim Sum menu.

Siew Mai

Chicken feet

Pai Kut

Steamed Meat Ball

Overall I find that there are too few selection of Dim Sum. Some of the Dim Sum is not that well prepared. I find the Steamed Meat Ball has a strong heavy beef taste in it, It would be best if the chef is able to reduce the strong beef taste. Texture of the Meat Ball is quite chewy. Another dish that caught my attention is the fried carrot cake. The carrot cake is quite plain on its own, After a few servings you will find that the dish is heavily seasoned with pepper and chili. It made the dish quite spicy. Other than those the Dim Sum is worth having. A morning breakfast with family is always the best.

Dishes that I highly recommend to eat:

Pai Kut Fan

Unlike any Pai Kut Fan where the rice is steamed together with the Pai Kut to bring out the taste of the Pai Kut on the rice itself. This particular Pai Kut Fan has the rice fried together with the Pai Kut while adding a secret ingredient into it to make it even tastier. The secret ingredient is Salted Fish. This may not seem to be a big deal. But this actually works. The Salt Fish is there to give extra taste on the rice making it a little saltier and alot tastier =D

Fried Wan Tan

Fried Wan Tan together with the sweet honey sauce is the best. The Wan Tan is crispy and delicious. It might be a little oily this is the reason why this dish is so irresistible. The sweetness of the sauce together with the salty meat gives you a dish to remember...

One recommendations that I must point out is that, this dish is a little oily and its better to drink more tea while having this dish. I personally have to drink 10 or more cups of tea. As I am such a big fan of it. I do normally order 6 or more of this everytime I visit this restaurant. I did however hit a record high of 10 of this in a single morning.


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