Friday, May 14, 2010

Ice cream or Donut? or Both??

I am going against the code today and share with you all something different today, which I will be talking about bake house. I know it is not a restaurant but it is something similar to a restaurant from my view :)

Bakerlyn is a bake house located around kiulap area. They are famous for their cakes and custard donuts. Beside those there is a new dessert added into the family. Which has been quite popular recently. That is the freshly made ice cream. I never did get the chance to try it. So I might give this popular dessert a try.

Choco chip mint ice cream

This is the dessert that many adores. I got to say it is very pleasing. The texture of the ice cream is chilly and a little dusty feeling after the ice cream melts in your mouth. The taste of mint and choco chip is a wonderful combination. The mint gives you a chilling sensation and the choco chips gives out a bitter sweet taste. Having it on a hot sunny days make you feel cold and chilly inside. Lately, the price of such significant dessert $2.50 per scoop.


It all depends on the buyer as well, some finds it reasonable.
Well for me, I find it a little bit over the top for such a scoop.

Custard Donuts

Bakerlyn is famous for their custad donuts. I had to admit it. It is delicious. The custard is sweet, creamy and full of vanilla. One donut is never enough. I always have to go for second. The donut itself is quite oily on the outer layer. Sadly I cant taste the donut. After having one big bite of the donut, My mouth is full of sweet sensation of the custard.


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