Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Restaurant

This is a newly open restaurant at batu bersurat. If my memory serves me right it is just beside Agogo saloon. It is easy to miss as the restaurant's entrance is nicely furnished with white doors and window, giving it a grand classy look. Basically the restaurant is offering a more British style of food offering non-halal dishes. From the news I heard so far, one of the best dishes is the sandwich with bacon. I was not given the name of the dish so I have no idea what it was called.

Pretty impressive menu.... The My Own theme is a good theme.
As mentioned before this restaurant is generally offering a British style cuisine...
The whole menu reminds me of river cottage HQ show in AFC

Interior design makes customer to feel back at home. I had to say the wood finish is amazing with brilliant soft lighting giving it a warm house feeling. Lastly, the chair is extremely heavy... seriously at a place like this you wont think of scratching the floor and producing screeching noises. You had to lift it up and pull the chair out before you can sit.

Fish and chips.
(The crispy layer is good but the inside has a strong fishy taste, The fries is plain and tasteless)

Believe it or not, This is actually **** chop.
It look like chicken to me but it is actually ****

The interior design and menu is pretty impressive. The food is just alright. Price waste worth it. It is not over priced. The fish and chip is around $7 and the **** is around $9.


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