Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best Waffles!!

Looking for the Best Waffles in town? Try CheezBox's Ice Cream Waffles. CheezBox is located at the mall where Dome used to be. It can be easily spotted from the road side. CheezBox offers wide range of western and local dishes. The theme of cafe like restaurant aatracts many teenagers during lunch break and after hours.

Ice Cream Waffles.
(Must Try!!)

You get to choose your own Ice Cream, I go for Vanilla. I would say at the price of $3 - $4 it is worth it. You get to taste the best Waffles in Brunei. I love A&W's waffles but since it is no longer in operation in Brunei. I had been looking for Waffles ever since. I am glad that I finally found what I was looking for.

The Waffle has a hard crusty layer on the outside and soft sponginess on the inside. The texture is great, a little spongy, a little crust together with the cold chilly ice cream. The ice cream and honey added together with the waffle is the best. I can stress out how much I love this waffle. For those who love sweet food and dessert must really give this dish a try.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

King of Chicken??

Congratulations to Chicken King Basketball team for finish 3rd place during the basket ball tournament. I was invited by my friend to join the dinner party held by Chicken King in Kuala Belait. I dont know where the location is as I myself is not from Kuala Belait.

When I first walk into the restaurant, in my mind was the fast food concept. At a glance I though I went into the wrong restaurant as the theme of Chicken King is slightly similar to Ayamku's layout. Well kinda.... The fast food chicken concept....

Ok... maybe not much of Ayamku theme.... Haha
I might exaggerate a little...

The owner is kind and generous providing drinks and buffet for the team. I was there leeching the food and drinks haha. Ok I will show you the food I took that day.

Mee Hoon
The taste of the Mee Hoon is just alright. Strong peppery and spicy taste and that is all that I can taste.

Sweet and Sour Fish
Fish is soft and dry. The sauce is not well balanced off. The sourly taste over p.ower the sweetness of the fish.

Fried Chicken
This is really disappointing. I assume that the Fried Chicken is the signature dish of Chicken King but after eating it I have doubts about it. The chicken is big, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The chicken is well fried but badly seasoned. The chicken taste plain and unprepared. I only can taste the plain flour taste. Seems like the chef forgot to add in salt and pepper and fried it in a rush. And some part of the chicken is burned. Not much but a few of them.

Overall it is all based on the buffet as prepared. So we cant expect much from this. Maybe ordering it individually will be better and tastier which I cant promise.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Fleurdelys is famous for its baked breads, buns, cakes and sandwiches. It has always been a big hit for expatriates and also for those who studies abroad. I am not sure why. The reason I can think of is that Fleurdelys is considered the local bread shop for the foreigner. For today's review I will concentrate on the food they offered.

Spaghetti with olive oil

It is a plain Spaghetti with olive oil. There is nothing much about it. Just a plain Spaghetti. Surprisingly, the olive oil is able to pull this one off. I was expecting it to be plain and tasteless. But it proves me wrong. Even though it is just a plain spaghetti it is quite tasty. The olive oil seasoned the spaghetti just right. The olive oil is fried with garlic and when mixed with the spaghetti you get yourself a simple yet delicate dish.

Spaghetti Carbonara

hmmm... This bread tasted like alcohol.... I dont know if this bread is made this why or maybe there is a slight mistake in the bread making process... The taste is not that bad but it does annoyed me a little. I cant drink but the taste of alcohol in the bread makes me hungry for more hahaha...

Check out this link to understand more about the bread making process.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Kaizen is a restaurant that offers Japanese cuisine. There are currently two branches around Brunei. One is located at Kuala Belait and the one we had is located at Kiarong.

Sorry to say but this is just a tiny review on Kaizen. I was invited by Rayner to join him and his friends (Jun and Alex if I got his name right) for lunch. When we reach there Alex was there early having his Curry Don I think. I just met him so it is inappropriate for me to take photo of him. Everyone was hungry that day so I did not take any photos other than my dish. So yea that basically covers why I did not take photo of the other foods haha

Green Tea

Tori Teri Don

The chicken is perfectly grilled to harden the outer layer and leave the inner part just readily cooked leaving it tender and juicy. That best part does not end here. Here comes the good part. The teriyaki sauce helps to add flavor to the chicken meat. The teriyaki sauce itself is sweet and tasty. By adding it onto the chicken it gives the chicken an extra taste of sweetness.

Say Hi to Rayner :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Han's Birthday!!

This post specially dedicated to Han

Han's Birthday celebration at Excapade Sushi located at Regent Square. Excapade is a well established restaurant offering Japanese cuisine.

I like the menu there, all the dish is presented with a picture. Giving customer the ease of ordering.

Table full of Japanese sushi!


California Maki

Tama Ebiko Sushi

Salmon Sashimi

This is the good part!

Freshly Grilled Beef

Raw Beef

Like it raw? Well done? Medium Rare? Rare?
Be the chef, and make your own decision on how well you want your beef to be

Just a suggestion, better grill it quick before the flame dies out. The flame dies out on us 3 times. We had to send the grill pan back to the kitchen over and over again. But it was a pretty nice experience to have :)

Birthday Boy!

Han making a wish

Wonders what that could be.....

Chocolate Mud Cake

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Run is back for Episode 3!!

Mammamia Restaurant is a newly opened restaurant located at regent square in Kiulap. The shop is directly opposite of Excapade. The same location where Dune was.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

I am no expert in italian cuisine. I am quite a big fan od Carbonara myself. Normally Carbonara is made out of egg and cream if my cooking technique serves me right which it did. Check out this video for a guide to make a Carbonara.

I have nothing much to say about this dish. It is a pretty good dish, the bacon is salty and nice to chew on. The Carbonara sauce is a little oily giving the Spaghetti a glossy look. Presentation is everything when it comes to western cuisine. Sadly I cant taste any cheese. But the rest of it is just simply delicious.

Meat Lover

The name of this pizza says it all. Those who love a good meaty pizza should really give this a try. The pizza is thin and crispy and the hams and bacons made a pretty good combination. The pizza sause is just nice a little soury with an extra kick of salt and pepper to bring out the origin of pizza.

4 Stagioni Pizza

Cant take too much meat? This is a well balanced pizza. Unlike the Meat Lover which is full of meat. This pizza offers a balance in meat and vegetable. Which helps to keep us in a balance diet. The sause and pizza is the same only the toppings are different. Overall, Meat Lover is still the best in term of taste.

Risotto with 4 types of melted cheese

It is made out of rice with lots of cheese. Cheese lover may like this dish. The rice is sticky and has the texture like oat meal. Feels kinda like a cheesy congee. It is better to avoid this if you cant handle the cheese.

Nutella Pizza

Something that you should not avoid is this. It is like a spring roll that contains all the goody sweet chocolate in it. The chocolate is toasted and melty in the inside and the outside is thin and crispy. One bite out of it causes the chocolate to flow down gently coating the cripsy layer challenging you to have more. Eventually you will come to a stop if you cant stand the high concentrated of chocolate coating around your teeth and tongue. Those who love chocolate should challange this dish to a match.
Man vs Chocolate!