Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ahh Ideal.... A place where you can get fresh grilled chickens... Well you can say that Ideal is the local Kenny Rogers ROASTERS... Ideal is one of the most successful cafe that has their own product line. Please check out this link for more information about Ideal's product line.

Budget Meal??!!

Ayam Merah

Who doesn't love a good budget meal? We all do... So I went on a order a Ayam Merah at a price of $1 which is really cheap for Ideal Standards haha

Surprisingly, the portion of chicken and rice given is much more compared to any $1 nasi katok. Since it is a budget meal I was expecting to get less chicken and maybe a half portion of the standard given rice. Well they sure proves me wrong. I would say if your hungry and need something to fill up your tummy with only a dollar note, you should definitely get one of this. I am not sure if the promotion is still available but you can drop by any Ideal branch and have a look out for this awesome deal.

Taste on the other hand is a little disappointing. The chicken is cold. The sauce is poorly seasoned with salt. You can hardly taste the basic aroma of the sauce.

Cheeze Meat Ball

One of the most desirable dish of Ideal. The meat ball is made out of chicken. Deep fried and covered with cheese =D

Sausage, Egg and Garlic Rice

The Garlic Rice is well prepared. The present of garlic aroma in the rice is just right. It is not too heavy nor too light... It is just right, so if you were on a rush to a meeting or such you wont have to be afraid as you will not smell. The sausage is hard and chewy and quite oily.


Thanis said...

One of the franchises we can truly be proud of~~ as Bruneians :)

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