Sunday, June 27, 2010


Funbread is located at Gadong on the same block where Trillium and Kathy is. It is hard to miss :) Funbread offers great varieties of Western and Asian cuisine.

The menu is well organized separating the Western and Asian cuisine. Giving us (The Customer) the choice to choose Western or Asian. Providing us the ease of viewing and choosing :)

Asian Corner

Western Corner

The presentation of the menu looks great!!

I didn't get to try it
Out of ingredient :(

Yam Shake with Pearl

Blue Hawaiian Mist

French Toast

Big thick bread, Not that great though. I find the toast to thick and all the goodies cant penetrates into the core of the bread. Making it to lacks out little in taste as well. The bread is dry and the coating is not that sweet. It lacks honey/ maple syrup. Well the presentation is great.

Chicken Finger/Stick?

Sandwich with Chicken Ham

Aussie Burger!!!

Is Big Mac big enough for you? Not enough? Get this, this Aussie Burger cost $6.80 including fries and the size of this burger is two times bigger compared to a Big Mac. The size of the bun is big and the texture of the burger is unbelievably soft and spongy. Cotton Candy you can pack your bag and move back to where you are from....

For the petty you can choose a choice of chicken or a burger. The portion of the petty is slightly smaller than the size of the bun but its still Bigger compared to Big Mac. It is a homemade petty, The texture of the petty is firm(As in the petty keeps its shaped and does not crumble into smaller pieces), juicy and perfectly grilled.


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