Monday, June 7, 2010

Dinner at D.Salam

Details regarding D.Salam :)

It was a drizzling night with nothing to eat. So we decided to go out and have our dinner. We were planning to have our dinner/late supper at our usual but end up having it here at D.Salam. Little did we know about the restaurant, we decided to give it a try.

The menu is nicely organized. I guess...

Do you think the menu is a little off?
Normally restaurants will categorize the dish with meats under the respective sections.
For example, Sayur Campur Ayam/Daging should be under Chicken section or Beef section.

This way it made it easier for us MEAT lovers to choose the selected dish and skip the Vegetable section which most of us normally do.

This special menu sure catch my attention =)

Clean and bright.

Corn Beef Fried Rice

Nasi Lemak at a price of $2.50 with no chicken ==
(What a rob)

Well they did provide two types of sambal. An ordinary sambal which is sweet and spicy. The other sambal is the Pusu sambal which is very very salty and spicy. I am not a fan of spice. When I was eating this dish I had to constantly take in water and a slip of ABC to keep the heat down. The samble itself is spicy and the high concentration of salt present at the pusu sambal made me thirsthy.

(Mountain made of Crushed Ice)

3 words.....

Toooooo Muccccchhhhh Icccceeeee

We had to gold dig this mountain in order to reach the base of gold. We need pay extreme caution when we mine for gold. Any mistake or any hard impact will cause the mountain to fall and kill innocent ants around it. Which it did ==

There is no joy in eating this ABC as you cant possibly make a perfect scoop of balanced ice and ABC contant. You will only end up getting ice ice ice and more ice.


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