Sunday, June 13, 2010


Patisserie is a cake house located on the block where Traders Inn is, which is around Supasave in Beribi. I had never ever been to Patisseries before so decided to drop for a little chit-chat with Rayner.

Menu filled with a number of unexpected dish.

Orange Juice

Chocolate Cappuccino

Hmm... no chocolate taste.... Maybe they got me the wrong order or it is suppose to taste this way... Im clueless about it....

Ice Cream Waffles

The ice cream is from walls. The waffles itself has a chewy stick texture. The outer layer of the waffle is a little hard while on the inside is soft and chewy. The overall taste is alright.... Priced at $4 is slightly expensive compared to the rest... I was expecting honey or maple syrup or chocolate spread. Sadly, it is really disappointing to see that plain waffle topped with vanilla ice cream and cost $4.

Overall, I find the customer service slow and waiting for the drinks take ages. A glass of orange juice takes about 5 minutes, A cup of cappuccino takes more than 10 minutes and for a plate of Waffles more than 15 minutes. Waffles should take less than 10 as the base is prepared and stored in the freezer. It will take 5 - 7 minutes to unfroze it in a water bath and the process of baking it takes only 3 minutes. I have no idea why it takes so long. This is all based on my assumption maybe they had to prepared it on the spot for the waffle's base.


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