Friday, June 4, 2010

Shabu Shabu

The opening of International Halal Product Expo 2010 started yesterday. Which I had been working from 6.30 in the morning until 6.30 at night. After the long working hours at the CA Expo booth ( China-Asean Expo) I was invited to join the team for dinner at Shabu Shabu. Shabu Shabu is located at the 1st floor of Kiulap Hotel. Shabu Shabu a well know steamboat restaurant.

They offers individual set meals which is really worth the deals.

The CA Expo Team

Shabu Shabu offers self serving sauce for the steamboat. There are wide selections of various ingredient to mix from. For myself and since its my first time there. I did try to act smart and mix everything together and end up quite bad. So I went back to the drawing board and mixed up something I know. That is chopped garlic + Soya Sauce + Sweet Soya Sauce. Which turns out pretty good.

Haha well I guess this happens to all first timers or does it?

Well they seems to know what they are doing....

The soup base

I had the chicken soup base that day. They also offers a few range of soup. Such as seafood, tom yam, curry and a few more. The chicken soup base is quite tasteless..... It tasted like tap water with a little chicken seasoning.

By ordering the set meals you will get:

A choice of rice or noodle.

A huge big portion of vegetables with a little seafood mixed with in.

For the main there are quite a number of selection:
I chose the Beef and Lamb for the side order.

Raw Beef

Raw Lamb

Posing for the camera =)

Shabu Shabu is a nice restaurant to go to if you are hungry for large portion of food. The pricing is reasonable, it is not that cheap or expensive since they provide large portion of vegetables. In term of taste the item is not seasoned therefore is it quite tasteless. The vegetable and the main course highly depends on the soup base to bring out the taste. As for my case the chicken soup is quite tasteless and less seasoned so it directly affects the taste of both the vegetables and the meat. I think it will taste better if I choose another soup base. Another tidy details that I must point out is that. It is best to make your own dipping sauce as they will be your partner to get you through the whole dining session. If you cant handle the sauce you made its better to change and try out new combinations. The world is open to new possibilities and ideals so feel free to be creative, it wont hurt :D


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