Friday, June 18, 2010

Dinner at Villa Mauri

General Informations:
Villa Mauri
Italian Restaurant & Asian Delight
Spg. 368, Jln. Muara
Kg. Sungai Tilong
For reservations, call: 233 5585.


I had my Value Dinner that night. Which I glad I did. It is a few dollar cheaper from ordering it at a time. The reason why it is called value dinner.

Complimentary Cheeze Stick.



I have no idea what this sauce is, Tasted like peanuts and garlic.

Beef Carpaccio

Raw Beef with Parmesan cheese and covered with Balsamic dressing.
Love the taste of Cheeze with the raw beef.


Homemade Pasta layer with beef bolognaise sauce, parmesan and mozzarella sauce.
The sauce is great. The beef bits is nicely seasoned to bring out the taste of beef. The Lagasane layer is poorly prepared. The layer is hard and quite plain in tasting.

Beef Shank

The texture of the Beef Shank is tender and juicy. The meat came off the bone nicely. It shows that the meat is has been in the boiler for a long time. The taste however is quite disappointing. The taste is poor, badly seasoned and lack of salt.

The Grand Finale:
Desserts that is a must to have when dining at Villa Mauri.

Fantasia di Maria
(Also know as chocolate pudding or chocolate lava)

This is one of the best dessert offered by Villa Mauri. The chocolate lava is baked in a way that the middle part is left in the molten state.


Another must have dessert of Villa Mauri. This Tiramisu is unlike any Tiramisu I had. This particular Tiramisu has a wet feeling to it. The texture is so soft that I cant really discribe it. But all I can say is that. You will regret not trying both this dessert out.


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