Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lunch Takeaway at Simpang 138

Simpang 138,
Kg Sungai Akar.
Along the highway to the airport.

This is the famous Nasi stall at Kg Sungai Akar. It is small stall by the roadside, there is no sign board or anything. The only clue that you can find it is by searching for cars parked at the road side. There is no car entrace to the stall you will have to park your car by the road and walk in. They sell quite a number of food ranging from nasi katok to economy meals.

Car parked along the road

The Stall

Preparing our Nasi Katok

Choose your fired chicken :)
We reached there late, all the good piece of meat has been taken.

Nasi Katok

*I did not post up the picture of the content, Sorry*


limau said...

haha.! missing nasi katok :D
1st experience is important as people said, and thus 1st experience of eating nasi katok.. is awesome.!

FoodKings said...


Hows your trip to Brunei?

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