Friday, December 10, 2010



Location: 1 & 2 Spg 632 Kg Jerudong, Brunei Darussalam (Just before the Mosque at Jerudong, It wont be hard to miss as the KTM sign is easily spotted while driving along that road)

Cuisine: Thai food

Parking could be a problem in this area as there are very limited parking space. It is suggested to reach there early if you plan to dine in the restaurant. Lack of parking space could be fustrating, it is best to avoid.

Clear Tom Yam

This is a very well prepared dish. The taste of the Tom Yam is very smoothing. It is not that salty and spicy the taste is just perfectly right. Best for people like me who is a non spice eater.

Pandan Chicken

This is one of the best looking pandan chicken I had so far. The chicken is nicely warp with in the pandan leaf. It is my first time to see such a bright green color on the pandan leaf. Normaly the pandan should turn black and brownish.

The pandan chicken is quite oily infact, I have no idea why but everytime when you try to tear open the leaf you hands will be heavily coated with oil. The texture of the chicken is hard but nice to chew on. The taste is a little salty but good with rice.


The restaurant is pretty generous with the ingredient. This is a tofu dish and yet all you can find is a few rectangular peice of tofu and rest of it is covered with seafood. Which is a good sight for more :)

Fried Salted Squid

The taste of the squid was alright. It is heavily seasoned on both spice and salt. The crust of the squid make it a little hard to chew. It would be good if the crust is a little crunchy.

Fried Salted Crabs

For a small crab it is quite meaty and the texture of the meat is soft and fresh but is not very well prepared. The crab meat is plain and ordinary, It is not well seasoned. The crab is small and this dish cost $3 per 100 gram


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