Monday, December 6, 2010

Ayamku Restaurant

Ayamku Restautant

Location: Grand City Hotel (On the 1st floor of the Hotel) at Batu Bersurat

Cuisine: Chinese

Chicken Rice (Steam Chicken) at $2.50 or $3 for the roasted chicken

One of the cheapest Chicken Rice around town. The rice well steamed with a very distinct fragrance. The chicken is not that well steamed. The inside is a little ice cold on some part of the meat. The chicken gravy is really good. I cant really describe the taste, all I know is that I was too busy pouring scoop after scoop of gravy on my rice. Flooding the whole plate with juicy delicious gravy.

Corn Soup

Price at $4 it is a really good bargain. The corn soup comes in a big bowl which is big enough for 3 to share.

Claypot Tofu

Priced at $6. The Claypot Tofu consist of Fish slice, mushroom, vegetables like carrots, onions, green beans and tofu. The pot is just the right size for two to three to share. The taste of the tofu is nicely corporated with the other ingredients. The gravy is no exception :)


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