Sunday, December 19, 2010

OGS Kopitiam Cafe

OGS Kopitiam Cafe

It is a newly open cafe in the airport. Just around the express and jollibee area which is hard to miss.

I did not get to try the food as we were on a rush. We only had a few dish which consists of Laksa (Which I did not take photo of), 2 Teh C and a Siew Mai. Overall, I love the atmosphere around the cafe. The whole cafe theme brings to back to the olden days and a little twist of modern coffee shop.

Teh C
in a cute small tea cup :)
Children would love the size of it :)

Siew Mai

Please bare in mind that eventhough the name of the cafe says "Kopitiam" the pricing is another story. Let me break it down.

Altogether the price of the food we ordered cost us around $9.40.

Laksa - $4.00
Siew Mai - $2.00
Teh C - $1.70 each

As mentioned is it a newly open cafe so please bare with the staff's attitude and the managing system. It is a little out of control, they mixed up orders and the waiter does not understand the menu. Please understand that they are new and these sort of problem can be fixed with in months of operation :)


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