Saturday, December 11, 2010



"All you can eat" Promotion deals of around $12.80 per adult and $8.80 per child. There is no harm trying all the pasta and pizza. So we did out part and eat all we could.

Location: Kiulap (On the same block as Baiduri Bank, On the last floor next to Le Taj)

Cuisine: Italian


Fettuccine Carbonara Amatricana

The pasta and the sauce is well incorporated, giving the pasta a glossy shine to it. The Carbonara Sauce is thick and creamy. The right thickness to put a a creamy white layer of sauce around the mouth :)

Ravioli al Salmone

The chef is really generous with the salmon fillings :) You can actually taste the salmon and feel the difference of the texture on both the salmon and the pasta dough.

Lamb Shank

Penne Barbeque Beef Ribs

This is dish is absolutely amazing. The strong barbeque sauce is to dream for. The sauce is a little hot but kids should have no problem indulging it. The beef ribs is tender and juicy on the inside. This dish could score a 10/10 if the chef pour on a a little more sauce over the Penne. That way I could just rub the Penne over the sauce and eat it.


Anonymous said...

you must be kidding me, the food at capers taste like crap and it's an insult to Italian food. Especially the ribs penne! You must be high on drugs when you did this review!

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