Monday, March 1, 2010

The Lunch Review: CoffeeZone Qlap

Welcome to the Lunch Review! Each week we'll choose one restaurant for lunch and write a review on our lunching experience. Note that the review will reflect our own opinion and experience. This is not a paid review and reviews are done discretely without the knowledge of the restaurant owners. Anyone else who is interested to join the review group please message me in Facebook :)

This week we decided to have our Lunch at Coffee Zone Kiulap. We ordered two dishes, their Nestum Chicken $5.90 and their Sweet and Sour Fish. $5.90.

At first glance, you will feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of the Nestum chicken but as you dig in, you will find that there's too much Nestum and not as much chicken as you would had liked. This dish could go either way depending on how much you love that Nestum topping. Personally I felt that they've went over the top with too much Nestum. The Nestum is quite oily and too filling for me. I did not enjoy this dish. Simply my personal opinion. I'm sure someone else will absolutely adore this dish if they love the Nestum bits~

I like this dish. Unlike some restaurant's fish dishes, where they minced the fish an add in a lot of flour and msg to deep fry into fish slices, Coffee Zone uses fish fillets, dipped in flour and fried. Therefore, the fish tastes fresher and the texture more appealing. It's a bit oily though for me though -- the fish. The sauce is just right and passed my taste test. This is what I would order again.

For both dishes, the rice is a bit overcooked and too soft for my taste. Their clear soup which I asked for both me and my friend has too much pepper in it.

The service this time is a bit slow but generally the staff is friendly.

Verdict: In my opinion, if food is your main priority, I would not come here for these two dishes, not during lunch time especially when I have one hour to eat. I'll come here to chill with friends and show my ideas using my laptop, but not for lunch.

Review by: Thanis


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